Faculty of Information Technology

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Qualified Faculty

At SGSU, we take immense pride in fostering strong industry collaborations and providing exceptional internship opportunities for students in the field of Information Technology (IT).

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Research and Innovation Culture

Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Information Technology shapes tech leaders through innovative programmes and a focus on the digital revolution. Its comprehensive curriculum covers computer science, data analytics, cybersecurity, and more. Students gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies, programming languages, and system design principles. Esteemed faculty members, experts in academia and industry, mentor students and expose them to real-world challenges. State-of-the-art labs and research facilities provide an immersive learning environment. Research projects and industry collaborations enable the exploration of emerging technologies and practical insights. Strong ties with industry partners offer internships, guest lectures, and networking opportunities, ensuring students understand real-world applications and transition smoothly into the professional realm. In summary, the Faculty of Information Technology empowers students to be tech leaders and problem solvers. With comprehensive programmes, exceptional faculty, advanced infrastructure, and industry collaborations, the faculty prepares students to make a meaningful impact in the ever-changing world of technology.

Faculty of Information technology SGSU


Empowering students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to become innovative and ethical leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology.


Striving to foster a dynamic learning environment, the Faculty of IT is dedicated to providing comprehensive education, promoting research excellence, and cultivating a community of technologically adept and socially responsible professionals.

Key Highlights

Industry Collaboration Initiative

Career Development Workshops 

Personalised placement guidance

Placement Assistance Programme

Training and Development


The school of Information Technology at SGSU is an educational institution that specializes in offering programs and courses in the field of information technology.

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SGSU-Department of digital learning

School of Digital Learning

Step into the innovative realm of Digital Learning School, where knowledge meets technology to shape tomorrow’s education landscape.

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We are dedicated to helping our students kickstart their careers and achieve their professional goals in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of technology. Our strong industry connections, comprehensive programmes, and career-focused approach ensure that our graduates are well-equipped to thrive in the competitive job market.

SGSU Placements
SGSU Placements - NIIT
SGSU Placements
SGSU Placements - Infosys
SGSU Placements - Paytm
SGSU Placements - Amazon
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SGSU Placements - Justdial


Faculty Name


Faculty Name


Faculty Name


Faculty Name



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We are committed to advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the field of technology through cutting-edge research and innovation. Our department is dedicated to conducting high-impact research that addresses the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Our department focuses on a diverse range of research areas within information technology. These include but are not limited to artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, software engineering, human-computer interaction, and computer vision.

We believe in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration to drive innovation.

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Student Research

Student Research

The Student Research Department of the Faculty of Information Technology thrives as a hub of innovation and discovery. Fostering a dynamic environment, students delve into cutting-edge projects spanning AI, cybersecurity, software engineering, and more. Esteemed professors mentor their students, guiding them to tackle real-world challenges and contribute to technological advancements. Collaborative initiatives and interdisciplinary studies shape holistic perspectives. Conferences and symposiums provide platforms for sharing insights and networking. This research not only hones technical skills but also nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving prowess. The faculty’s commitment to nurturing these budding researchers ensures a steady stream of transformative ideas, propelling the IT field into the future.





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SGSU-Faculty member
Dr. S. Veenadhari Dean
Mr. Umesh Kumar HOD
DR. ARCHANA GODBOLE Assistant Professor
SGSU Faculty
Ms. Asha Khilrani JRF/ Assistant Professor
MS. Anita Sahu Assistant Professor
DR. Nitin Dhimole Assistant Professor
SGSU Faculty
Dr. Mohammad Zuber Assistant Professor


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