Diverse range of disciplines, including Literature, Philosophy, History, Sociology, and Cultural Studies.

Interdisciplinary approach, fostering connections between the Humanities and other fields of Study.

Cultivation of Cultural Sensitivity, Empathy, and Global Awareness through the Study of Diverse Cultures and Perspectives

Emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills to navigate complex societal issues.

Opportunities for Research, Community Engagement, and Internships to apply knowledge in real-world contexts

Faculty Overview

SGS University, one of the premier centres of Skills in higher learning in India and the first Skill University of Madhya Pradesh, offers over 150 programmes. The programmes are developed by leading Indian and international academics and focus on both theoretical and practical aspects. Students at SGS University benefit from a whole range of hands-on learning and skilling opportunities, upskilling, reskilling, and skill development NEP and NSQF-aligned approaches, such as mentor-mentee relationships, internships and immersion programmes, apprenticeships, etc., that provide opportunities for real-world learning and personal experiential growth.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Humanities at SGS University offers a range of Diploma, B.Voc., undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees in disciplines such as English, Psychology, Political Science, Library Science, Social Science & Humanities, Beauty Therapy & Wellness, Liberal Arts, and Performing Arts. The programmes, designed and taught by industry experts, aim to nurture students’ passion, creativity, independent thinking, and research abilities.

Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts - overview image


Focusing on the quality of education, aspired to by students and admired by industry, serves as an opportunity to build awareness about the benefits of skilling, Cultural diversities, and International languages.


‘Empowering the Future Brigade’

Inclusive, creative, and progressive transformation that impacts society through education, innovation, and culture with an absolute attitude of respect for the interdependence and integration of knowledge and skills.

Key Highlights

NCrF, NSQF, and NEP2020 Aligned Curriculum

Pedagogy of Experiential Learning

Earn while Learning model of education through Internships and Apprenticeships.

Rural, national, and International immersion programmes

Student-led clubs cater to varied interests, from technology to the liberal arts.


Department of performing arts -sgsu

School OF Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts at SGS University enables students to develop knowledge, techniques, and collaborative skills conducive to a lifetime of independent learning and creativity by pursuing an education in Fine Arts, theatre, dance, or Musical theatre.

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Department of languages

School OF Languages

Language learning at SGS University stereotypically supplements formal education or existing knowledge of a foreign or Indian language. Students vary widely by age, educational background, and work experience. Students select a specific course according to their language proficiency.

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Department of social sciences - small image

School OF Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences provides a multifaceted view of the world to its learners through its various departments of Liberal Arts, Digital Humanities, Beauty therapy and wellness, media and communication, photography, and life management studies.

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