Faculty of Future Skills

Cutting-edge tech education and innovation.

AI, programming, and data analysis excellence.

Visual storytelling mastery and creative expression or persistence of vision creates the illusion of motion in animation.

Future-ready skill development and industry collaboration.

Immersive gaming experiences and VFX proficiency.

Faculty Overview

Faculty overview of Future Skill in animation and IT are crucial for individuals seeking to excel in the digital era.animation calls for a diverse skill set that combines artistic prowess with technological expertise. Animators must possess a strong foundation in traditional animation principles, coupled with a deep understanding of cutting-edge software and emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Proficiency in 3D modeling, character rigging, and motion capture is crucial. Additionally, knowledge of coding languages like Python and experience with machine learning and AI integration will enhance animators’ capabilities.

Collaboration and adaptability are key, as animators navigate interdisciplinary projects and embrace evolving mediums. To succeed, future animators must embrace continuous learning and stay abreast of industry trends to create captivating and immersive visual experiences. It provide students with essential skills and knowledge for a future career in animation, game development, AI, web and mobile app development, or cybersecurity.



The faculty of Information Technology or Animation, VFX, Multimedia, and Gaming aims to cultivate creative minds equipped with technical expertise. It envisions a dynamic learning environment where students explore innovative technologies, collaborate on immersive projects, and develop the skills necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


The mission of the Faculty of Information Technology or Animation, VFX, and Multimedia Gaming is to educate and empower students in the dynamic fields of technology and creative media. Through innovative curriculum, industry collaborations, and hands-on experiences, we strive to develop skilled professionals who can shape the future of digital entertainment and communication.

Key Highlights

Cutting-edge technology Education and Innovation.

AI, Programming, and Cybersecurity Excellence.

Future-Ready Skill Development and Industry Collaboration.

Dynamic Multimedia Content Creation and Design.

Mastering Industry-Standard Animation Software and Tools.


Department of Computing and Future Skills

School of Computing and Future Skills

We’re dedicated to readying students for the swiftly changing tech landscape. Join us to excel in computing. Embrace the future of technology through our programmes.

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School of Animation, Multimedia, Gaming, and VFX

We’re an educational institution focused on Animation, Multimedia, Gaming, and VFX. Join us to master creative technologies. 

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Placement in Information Technology or Animation involves finding suitable job opportunities for graduates in these fields to kickstart their careers in technology or the creative industry.

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SGSU Placements - NIIT
SGSU Placements - Infosys
SGSU Placements - Amazon
SGSU Placements - TATA
SGSU Placements - Edelweiss
SGSU Placements - Justdial
SGSU Placements - Bajaj Finserv
SGSU Placements - Indusind Bank
SGSU Placements - Paytm
SGSU Placement - Cafe Coffee day


Dr. Priti Maheshwary

Dean (School of Computing & Future Skills)

Dr. Pooja Bijlani

Java Full Stack Developer

Faculty Name​


Faculty Name



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Priyanka Sharma

Data Analyst Expert

Atul Tripathi

Trainer of Data Science

Vaibhav Parasar

Vaibhav Parasar

HOD of School of Animation Multimedia Gaming and VFX

Sourabh Shrivastava

Sourabh Shrivastava

Assistant Professor of Production