SGSU Students Empowered by AI in One-Day Portfolio Website Workshop

Scope Global Skills University (SGSU) took a significant leap towards integrating AI in education by hosting a one-day free workshop focused on designing professional portfolio websites with artificial intelligence. The workshop, held today, was a collaborative effort by the Faculty of Engineering, Information Technology, and Future Skills at SGSU, aimed at equipping students with cutting-edge skills and hands-on experience in web design.

The event drew enthusiastic participation from students eager to learn how to harness modern technology for creating impressive online portfolios. Key highlights of the workshop included:

  • Creating Stunning Websites with ChatGPT: Students discovered the power of ChatGPT, learning to generate beautiful and functional websites without any prior coding knowledge. This revolutionary approach allowed them to see how AI can simplify complex tasks and enhance creativity.
  • Efficient Design with Tailwind CSS: The workshop also introduced students to the Tailwind CSS framework, enabling them to design quickly and efficiently. Tailwind CSS’s utility-first approach provided students with the tools to create visually appealing and responsive designs with ease.

The hands-on sessions were met with high enthusiasm, as students engaged in real-time projects, applying what they learned to build their own portfolio websites. The workshop not only provided technical knowledge but also inspired creativity and innovation among the participants.

A special acknowledgment goes out to all the students for their active participation and creativity. Their enthusiasm and dedication were evident as they navigated the intricacies of web design, leveraging AI tools to bring their ideas to life.

SGSU remains committed to offering more such engaging and forward-thinking workshops and events